end of the year tips for tax planningTax Saving Tips for the End of the Year

Preparing in the final couple months of the year can make a big difference in this season tax savings. Taxes might not be due until April, but the decisions you make right now will affect your tax refund. If you're looking to save, there are still a few things you can do in the final quarter of the year:

  • Make charitable donations
  • Contribute to retirement accounts
  • Defer income 
  • Sell investments

At Chandler & Knowles CPA's, we are here to help! This resource will help you start thinking about ways you can save before you celebrate the new year. Tax planning is not something to overlook. There is money on the line!

The Chandler & Knowles team provides year-round tax services. We work closely with our clients to identify opportunities and develop tax savings strategies with a focus on both immediate and future goals. To learn more about our tax services contact us today at (817) 533-8568 or schedule a consultation.