Tax Preparation Near Me

Our team at Chandler & Knowles provides tax preparation services whether you’re filing as an individual or as a business. We have been assisting both businesses and individuals with their tax preparation needs since 1996. This experience allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive strategies to save you from paying more than you have to on your taxes.

Tax PreparationIndividuals and Families

Life is always changing, and with some of those major life changes, the way you file your taxes will undoubtedly change as well. Moving, getting married, having children, preparing for retirement—as these milestones happen it can be hard to keep track of the way they affect your taxes. Chandler & Knowles stays on top of changes in tax law, codes, & regulations in order to identify the best family tax-saving opportunities for you.

State Taxes

In addition to our federal income tax preparation services, we can also assist with your state tax preparation. While Texas is a state that does not collect income tax, there are still several instances where tax services can be useful. If you have recently moved out of state that does indeed collect income tax, our team can help you navigate those changes. If you are a business, while Texas does not collect income tax, it does have sales and use taxes and if you have an S corporation or a limited liability company (LLC), you are subject to Texas’ franchise tax, unless your business’s income is below the no-tax-due threshold.

Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate TaxesIf you are in the real estate business or just own some real estate, you’re probably aware of just how complex real estate tax laws and codes are. We offer a full line of real estate and property tax consulting services which relieve the administrative burden that these codes can place on a real estate business or owner. We are prepared to handle all of your real estate tax preparation needs.

Relocation Taxes

When you relocate there are often thousands of things you need to take care of. We can help ease this transitional period and make sure everything is taken care of properly. You will probably be pleased to find that Texas does not have any state income tax, but if you are moving from a state that does have a state income tax, you may still be responsible for some even after you have moved.

We are always happy and ready to assist you with our income tax preparation services. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can assist you.